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In the past when the Importers started importing the Lexus V8 engines you got the whole Pakage with minimum stuff stripped off. The last couple of months is worse. You buy a engine and gearbox, then you must Purchase the Gearbox Donut + the rear flange optional extra.


We modify this one.


We started to play around modifying the flange on the gearbox, we had some success modifying it so that it takes a standard Hilux yoke at the end. Manufacturing the flange to use other type of Yokes like Mercedes benz, Vw, Isuzu, ect is also possible as we have done plenty in the past. 


The we use this flange.



And get the result.


These flanges are build on requist it is not a stock item, we aslo need your exusting gearbox flange to manufacture this produckt. Their is a lot machining other metal consumables and Co2 welding involved in manufacturing these flanges, it is very time consuming and takes between 2 and 3 Hours or more to manufacture. 

The flanges must be ordered as required.


For more information please feel free to contact our Office.



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