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 One of our nice conversions.

Conversion done 2010

This Toyota condor is one of the latest conversions we did & it just came out fabulous! The end product was as near as to factory fitted as you could get.

Take a quick peak follow the pictures from the start up up to the completion.


Prepairing the Lexsus V8 engine on the test bench.

On this Bench the engine gets stripped, a new cambelt gets fitted as well as a full oil and spark plug service.

Then we start to wire the engine management and when completed a radiator gets fitted and we start it up for +- 1 Hour to see if it is fit to use for a conversion.

After the bench test we prepare the gearbox or adapter for the vehicle and the big job starts.

Manufacturing a adaptor for a 4x4 transfer that mounts on the Lexus V8 autobox.


This part fits the adapter to the Lexus V8 Auto box.

The 3 parts gets assembled.






End result Lexus V8 Autobox and Transfer joined.

Old Toyota engine out and ready for the Lexus V8 

Lexus V8 engine being lowered into place.

Engine being Centered and mountings being made.

From start to finish this project took 3 Months, suppose it was worth while to take the time considering on how the job turned out.


That is why we do not do conversions quick! we take time and care to do it Right!



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