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Lexus V8 engine and new 5-speed Toyota gearbox kit

These units are only assembled on request, full payment required upon order placement, prices may differ because of stock availabilty.

For a quote on such a unit please Phone our Office.



We also have a Lexus V8 kit with a 5-speed Toyota gearbox available for the manual guys. It consists of a bench tested Lexus V8 engine wired with ECU and wiring harness, fitted with a Toyota 5-speed gearbox.

Included is a new clutch kit, flywheel and clutch slave cylinder - ready for fitment into your vehicle.

The picture below is not the actual kit with the new gearbox and engine management - it is only a sample of how the kit will look like with the engine and gearbox assembled.

Lexus V8 with toyota gearbox kit

For more pictures follow this link: //s782.photobucket.com/home/RianV8/index

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  Lexus V8 Bench tested engine
  1UZ FE Lexus V8 engine
  2UZ Lexus V8 engine
  3UZ Lexus V8 engine
  4x2Lexus V8 conversion
  4x4Lexus V8 conversion
  Lexus V8 autobox conversion
  Lexus V8 Manual Conversion
  Lexus V8 Flywheel
  Lexus V8 Narrow Manifolds
  Lexus V8 Ignition Wires
  Lexus V8 Thermostat Housing
  Lexus V8 Gearbox adaptor Cresida/D4D to lexus autobox belhousing
  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Gasket set
  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Waterpump
  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Coils
  External fuel pump 6 bar
  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Timing Belt
  External fuel pump 6 bar
  Spitronic ECU (Engine Controler)
  Spitronic TCU (Gearbox Controler)
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