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Spitronics engine management

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Welcome to the world of Lexus V8 engine conversions
We now also do Diagnostics on vehicles and key coding. For dealers we can come to you, phone us and let us discuss a deal.
Lexus V8 engine & gearbox wired with Spitronics enigine management system from R16 500-00 these engines are only prepaired on request, contact our office for more details. On all orders placed a deposit or full payment is required!
Conversion prices is sometimes a problem for clients because the budget does not allow it .
Guys please we insist that you negotiate with us until we can make you a deal that could satisfy your needs and budget. Like every thing in the world, we can negotiate to try help you. We need you the customer and that makes our business run. Please talk to Jannie to get your piece of mind conversion deal. 

ENGINE  TYPE      FT-LBF       KW       NM     HP       LITRE

1 UZ-FE                    268          195      363     261     V8 – 4.0L

1 UZ-FE VVTI           300           216      407    290      V8 – 4.0L

3 UZ-FE VVTI           325           224      441    300      V8 – 4.3L

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  • Lexus V8 conversions.
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  • Dyno tuning on all vehicles.
  • General automotive supplies.
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  • Spitronics Engine Management sales & fitment.
  • Steel fabrication.
  • Heavy duty welding.
  • Machining.
  • Press of wheel bearings and suspension bushes.
  • Performance exhaust systems

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  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Coils
  External fuel pump 6 bar
  Lexus V8 1UZ FE Timing Belt
  External fuel pump 6 bar
  Spitronic ECU (Engine Controler)
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