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As one of the Leaders in our field of Lexus V8 Conversions we are proud to announce that we now stock new and used parts for the D.I.Y. Clients among us

One of our highly qualified Technitians will also be available for our clients who need advice on their Lexus V8 conversions

Lexus v8 conversions




R 4500.00
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Lexus 1uz V8 Narrow Manifolds
R 3500.00
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Lexus V8 Autobox Shifter
R 2500.00
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Lexus V8 1UZ Thermostat Housing

Lexus V8 1UZ Rear Sump

Lexus V8 1uz Starter Motor
R 2500.00
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External fuel pump bracket

Lexus V8 Cambelts

Lexus v8 Coils High Quality

Lexus V8 Routor

Lexus V8 Spark Plugs

Lexus V8 Oil filter

Lexus V8 Fuel Pump

Lexus V8 air filter

Lexus V8 fuse holder

Lexus V8 filler necks

Lexus V8 water Pumps

Lexus V8 radiator hoses

Lexus V8 coolant bottles

Lexus V8 engine Mountings

Lexus V8 adaptors and fly wheels

Lexus V8 satelite oil filters

Lexus V8 plug wires

Lexus V8 altenators

Lexus V8 oil coolers

Lexus V8 electric fans 14 inch

Lexus V8 electric fans 16inch

Lexus V8 radiators

Lexus V8 silencers